January 05, 2011

Don't ask me WHY? (also info on...God Box and Pennies from Heaven)

...I've been so motivated and inspired lately.  or as my Prissypal put it "Stella's Got Her Groove Back" WHAT?  But I won't question it... just go with the FLOW.  Woohoo.  Recently, I read this article in "Real Simple" about a God Box and I thought I'd make one too.  It's a perfect time of year to start new things.  I took an empty used box left over from Christmas gifts... this one was a chocolate brown so I loved the base color to begin with.  Then I printed out a pretty (and appropriate) saying on 8x11 printer paper.  I aged it by singeing the edges with a match (blowing it out immediately so the entire sheet doesn't burn up, this can be tricky in a hyperventilating manner) and then I affixed it to the box top with double-sticky tape.  I also made a loop with ribbon for a knob.  I just punctured a hole into the center of the box top, made a loop with the ribbon and tide it on the inside of the lid to keep it in place.

Below is a picture of the box top using a favorite verse (I have many) from the bible of mine.  I don't know about you but bible verses always bring me a sense of peace and comfort.  I thought this verse was especially appropriate for use with my "God box".  Lawsy knows I have plenty of crooked paths that need straightnin' Ya'll.

Inside view of God Box.  I punched various scalloped shapes for use to write my little mini-prayers on.  I keep a few xtra blank ones in there too.

I also finished my "Pennies From Heaven" journal.  I'll post pictures more on that later. I am going to use it for my gratitude journal this year.  This is a journal class that is taught by Debby Schuh over at the Memory Bee blog?  You can read what the Pennies from Heaven journal means to her over at the Memory Bee  <---- click and where it originated.  Just love that.

Always love a new gratitude journal and fresh new beginnings that the New Year brings~~

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