January 02, 2011

This Year I Hope To...

January 02, 2011
  1. Get fit, stay fit
  2. Keep a gratitude journal daily
  3. Write a" that would be fun to-do" aka bucket list
  4. Read more
  5. Start a God Box <----click
  6. Be present
  7. Finish this list  <----click
  8. .....

I started drafting posts daily after the 1st of the year and I SWEAR there are several still in the queue.  So I've decided to finish writing and get them posted.  There are a couple items of note.  I've been doing some housekeeping on my blog.  Lately I've been changing the "look" with the season.  It's a bit cumbersome and time-consuming but I thought it would be really fun.  So come on over and take a peak.  Right now I just have a pink florally-theme going on.  I was trying to do something with a Valentine theme but that didn't work out.

Also, I've added some tabs.

One is called "FIT<----click and this is going to be an area where I record my progress for the year.  To help me stay focused on my one-word for the year a sort of one-stop shop to record my stats. My intention is to make it a daily journal BUT I have to back fill already.  Stay tuned for that because I have a lot of stuff I want to share. 

The next new tab is called P.A.D. <----click I've seen others participate in this and have always wanted to give it a try.  This is where you take a Picture-a-Day (hence the PAD part).  So far so good I have all of my pictures loaded here and am current with this project.  YAY.

A couple of others things that I really really like on my blog.  In the right sidebar ----> I have an area of all of my shared "links" <----click.  It's really worth checking out sometime.  Its blog articles I've favorite'd and shared from all of the blogs that I read through Google Reader.  While I am web-surfing if I see an inspirational idea, a color combo, a great sketch or even some decorating and fashion ideas... I will click on the "share" function and it populates in the right sidebar of my blog.  That way if I want to go back and revisit the article I was reading I can do so quickly.  It also gives a good feel of what me likey's if anybody's interested.

Well that's all for now folks.  All text post today.

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