January 04, 2011

Shoot for the Moon You Might Just Land Among the Stars~~~

As you might be aware... my word for the year is "FIT" So far so good. On NYs weekend the girls and I decided to make vision boards (also called Treasure Maps, Visual Explorer or Creativity Collages?) in place of making "resolutions".  We all know that resolutions fall by the wayside and never get kept anywayzzzzzzzzz. It was a lot of fun, easy and we hope it to be inspirational in the coming year.  You will notice on mine that I used the word "FIT" quite a few times as a reminder of what my focus should be on this year.

The idea is to surround yourself with images of who you want to become (me, fit), what you want to have, where you want to live or vacation etc.  It can be approached with knowing what you already want, a theme or opening and allowing.  I think we approached it with a combination of those ideas but more so just opening and allowing.  A lot of times I used pictures that had the "feel" of what I would like to become, do or have.

So with clear hearts and minds, some yummo hot holiday drinks and inspirational music we approached it with just a few thoughts in mind. Focusing on:
  1. Ask yourself...what do you really really really want? (yes, more of that please)
  2. Don't worry about the "why or how"
We went through magazines and images that we had saved over the years and tried to tear out those images that brought great joy and delighted us.  Like I said not worrying about the why or how.  Just smiles and having fun.  Open to whatever spoke to us.  Ohmmmmm. Breathe. ,)

Ok that's a little hippy-dippy

I had been unknowingly gathering photos for this purpose because I had been working on an "Illustrated Discovery Journal" <----click for the past couple of years. Which is still in progress not done. But I was able to grab some pictures already cut out from magazines for this journal to use on my vision board. As a result my vision board came together quickly. 

As I go through the year I will keep in mind what is it telling me about me?  The answers will unfold and we hope that our vision boards will be powerful guides for us as we go through the year.

My vision board is propped up on my dresser where I can see it daily. 

On top of dresser (my daughter added the candle to wake me up one morning) She's such a little spa-fairy

In addition, I took a picture of it and have "set it" as my computer desktop both at home and work (this is pretty cool) having it ever present in front of me.

As I added images I found it cool that the pictures all found their "place" on the board fitting just right in most cases.  As my board developed I noticed sections forming.  Predominantly... health, fitness, home, financial freedom, inspiration, faith and R&R.

I also used a lot of favorite sayings as reminders.  Some of my favorites... "You will never find time for anything you must make time", The picture of the eagle with the word "intention",  Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there, the word "gratitude" / "faith"...  The words "effortless" and "deliberateness" found themselves on top of each other (see the upper left corner) when put together effortless deliberateness.  That sounds really powerful to me to go forward in a deliberate manner yet make it effortless.  There's another reference again on my board to my path being straightened??

Must be kind of crooky overhere in prissyland.

My daughter also said that answering this question... (in reference to your one word) Does this choice (fill in the blank) agree with my word for the year?  So I added that sentence to my board in the "FIT" section of the board as a reminder to ask myself that when I go forward in my day or when I get ready to eat that cookie or say no to exercise.  Get it?  Let me see does eating this cookie agree with my word for the year?  um.... NO... um that depends.  Ok come back to me.  I also added the words delight and fun because I need to have more of that.  I don't really know how to have fun in an exciting sort of way so I guiltily made myself into add those words. 

IRONICALLY while I had pictures cut out sitting on the table in a stack of other pictures all ready... my dream "crafty space" somehow didn't make it on the board so I intend to make a second board to fit the pictures that inadvertently were missed (there were a couple of other ones too).  EEK.

Vision board 2011

Don't laugh....

ok so this is the longest post EVER.... whew! I tarred, I gotta go get a cookie


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