June 23, 2007

My Latest Obsession

Can you tell? Why it's A Muse of course. Yes I still love SU...just enjoying the variety. I haven't shared any of my finds of the century lately so here they are. Just to give you the short version pretty much my entire collection of A Muse product were acquired since the start of A Muse A Palooza (AMAP) Yepper the entire haul almost entirely collected just since AMAP started. Should this make me the bestest candidate for Ambassador? Yes! Will it? Nah. But it SHOULD. ;D. My wish list is as long as my entire arm (or longer) Some were purchased second hand from blogland (mixed ink colors). Just some of my have to have's (H2Hs):

Storage tip: I used SU background stamp sized plastic cases for my misc. A Muse stamp library. I use my label maker to label the box ends (not shown)

OK so this collection is PROBABLY relatively SMALL as compared to others but I love it.

Did I mention that I love the sentiment stamps? These are just a tiny fraction of what is on my wish list. The narrow oval is a CASE of the A Muse narrow oval background stamp. I repurposed a scrap from some leftover rubber trim and a spare wood block. It's not as smooth as the real deal but it works for me.

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Emilia said...

What a collection!
They are so cute! I especially like the BISTRO stamp!

Anonymous said...

what a smart idea....DUH! with all the plastic cases I've got going, why didn't I think of this????


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