June 23, 2007

Stampin Spaces Part II

I feel like I've been

I had "crafty spaces" to update (move stuff), new info re: happy mail days/ shopping days. No time thus the novel. Just a weekend power-hobbyist at heART and sometimes I have to post it "all" or "nothing". I gotta play. So HEY grab a cup of Joe

and come read my news, there's 10 new pics WOW (who knows if they are clear or not, I've forgotten how to use my camera apparently). I just put on a fresh pot of coffee myself.


Note: I like my stuff at my fingertips, out in the open. If you can't see it you won't use it.

As promised a picture for return to crafty space.... just more stuff. Here they are...

The left leg of the creative station or tool central. I use the re-purposed 1970s cassette tape holder to store my ink pads. I only have approx. one-half of the ink pads SU offers in the full size pad but I have all of the classic stampin spots. The spots keep me in business until I can collect all of the full size pads.

I only have one or two full size craft ink pads one of them is the white craft which I love and is definitely a must have stampin staple. I am a SU demonstrator but consider myself a hobbyist for now. So, for my purposes, the stampin spots are plenty for me. I also house all of my misc tiny tools in a typical office supply drawer organizer open top on desk. PICTURE 1 SIDENOTE TRIVIA: I AM SURE THIS IS NO NEWSFLASH TO MOST BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT THE DOTS ON THE ENDS OF SU FULL SIZE INK PADS I.E. . - .. - ...- .... Corresponds with the SU color families One dot is BB, two dots are EE etc... I DID NOT KNOW THIS UNTIL RECENTLY. Try and stay with me....


Center left view shows my 6x6 paper packs, stampin scrub, glue box, color charts and stamp sets on top of a repurposed bench turned shelf. Again I've posted stampin space pics before and the other pics can be found in my SCS gallery under stampin spaces. (Link can be found on the right sidebar on this blog) PICTURE 2

Center Right View, SU marker organizer, clear acrylic at Office Depot office supplies, drawers (same) and the vintage Easter basket that has my prismacolor pencils (120 set) in jelly jars. Even though I wish I had these out in front of me because they are eye candy, by having them in this basket caddy I can move them quickly when I need tabletop space. PICTURE 3

PICTURE 4 - Closeup of pencil basket and acrylic block basket. I love this vintage Easter basket. I am thinking easypeasy 50's-60's era. I got it out of my great great aunt's attic or sewing room. Of course I saw the chic out of the shabby. I love finds like these.

PICTURE(S) 5-8 below -12x12 paper racks. I had them in the verticle clear cropper hopperesk type storage but wanted them more at my finger tips. The jury is still out on whether I like this better or not. I think it is the same. I really wish I had a wall of these trays, slanted so I could see it all. Kind of how Robin over at Simple Dreams blog has her paper organized. Link on right in my blogroll if you want to check her stampin spaces out. She has a cadillac of a blog and space. Anyway that corner was a great use of dead space and I will keep the trays as is. Just wish I had more. OK when I win the lottery.

Wide view of the right arm facing crafty table

I store my SU CS in the magazine holder boxes vertically.

I just organized scraps via hanging file folders (only 4), one for each color family. These hanging files are house on the floor just under this table.

PICTURE 8 & 9 - A couple of other misc purchases lately. I finally picked up the MS starburst label punch. I can think of a bunch of uses for this new tool.

Second new punch. This one is a corner flower punch from punchbunch. I was actually looking for a punch that would punch this size flower because I wanted to use them in every color to embellish my tractor ATC on an earlier post. This turned out to be perfect. I also used micro dots from A Muse in the center of the flowers. I am not going to post another picture of those tractor ATCs. But just know that I further embellied them with a paper flower from this punch on each flower in the cart with a matching A Muse micro dot eye candy. This was one of my most exciting finds. But then I heard that SU has 35 new punches in the upcoming Catty. Yikes should have waited. I love it anyway

PICTURE 9 - Michaels clear stamps... ok I have to admit I don't see what all of the hoolalaboola is about but I went ahead and got a couple of sets just to say I did. They're ok for $1? Maybe it's because there aren't any left when I shop. I picked these generic ones up to add to my collection. Posted by Picasa

Last but not least...recent shopping excursion with a stalker friend we visited a different LSS we had never been to (lots of Rosie's Stuff). I tagged along as I wasn't in the market for anything at the time. I got in a calico mood so while I waited for my friend to checkout I snagged these beauties. I'm thinking this will go with anything easypeasy Crafty Secrets. I wish I could get to stampin SOON. Don't you love them. They are so beautiful. It was just an assortment with no specific project in mine. More eye candy for ME. LAST BUT NOT LEAST


Emilia said...

WOW, you are so smart! Using cassette tape holder to keep inkpads is perfect!
I enjoy this cup of joy, seeing your stamping studio a lot!

I agreet that if you don't see it, you won't use it. But my studio is much smaller, and many of my stamper are stacked. Not easy to reach... I envy you :)

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy) said...

Love seeing your stampin' space!! It's like being there with you. =)


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