June 26, 2007

Wisdom Teeth are dumb!?


I don't know where wisdom teeth ever got that name because mine are acting up right now and they are not wise at all....very dumb.

Not to change the subject, but I am now using Mozilla Foxfire and it seems to have cleared up the issues I was having with google (both search and blogger). I like how it works. The navigation tables (within blogger) seem tighter and I am not having the instability issues I was having before. My computer isn't crashing at all i.e. having to reboot.

Back to the teeth.... I am OOO since the pain is off the charts and my surgery isn't scheduled until Friday. Ack. Not sure if I will be able to stick it out that long. OUCH! Now to finish my post... I had to run and swish with salt water. I find that salt water works the best. Does anyone have any home remedies out there for toothache pain that I can use to get me through until Friday? Also, any tips on recovery. I'm a little scared of how bad that might be?


Anonymous said...

Moooom...You'll be fine, Massimo has recovered and you saw how Dad didn't even go through any pain at all. Just ask the doctor for the most amount of pain meds and you won't feel a thing. :)

Your blog is looking great! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the picture you posted. It was really beautiful there; we had a nice time, ate well, rented a boat and kayaks, and rested more.

Yesterday's fashion show was really fun. I couldn't believe I was sitting front row at a fashion show in Italia. haha! I tried to act like the designer lady in 'A Devil Wears Prada.' Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face. I'm so star-struck. ha!

Good luck with your surgery today. I know you will do fine and everything will be okay.

Mi manchi, e ti amo, Bess

p.s. Massimo dice ciao a tutti anche a Prince!

-Usi babelfish translator ;)


~missprissme said...

I looked up the translation and it said this:

It lacks to me, and I love to you, Bess
p.s. Maximum it says hello to all also to Prince!

Dana said...

Oh Gosh. I had my wisdom teeth removed a few months ago, and it was pure H.E. double-hockey sticks.
They gave me Vicodin, which made me dizzy and vomit, so I went with just some sore of codine to ease the pain.
If your teeth are bothering you right now, the best thing I've EVER used is clove oil. We keep a small bottle of clove essential oil in the medicine cabinet for most tooth problems. Just rub some on and it will numb the pain. It works great for teething children too.
If you don't have some handy, try gently chewing some whole cloves too. Not quite as effective, but it does also work.
I'm SO feeling your pain right now...you have my deepest sympathy.

Vicki C said...

Sending you the best wishes! Hope you are "out of pain" and back to yourself QUICKLY!!

chelemom said...

Glad to hear that your surgery went fine! Those teeth are a pain in the butt! I had mine out in college! It was not a pretty sight!

Michelle J said...

It is so boring waiting for you to get better. There has been a cloud over your cube for a week.


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