June 22, 2007

Sea World Collage

I went to Sea World last weekend for a company offsite and I am just now getting a chance to publish something about it. I thought a collage would capture the highlights of my fieldtrip best. Items of note: I liked the color combo of the pink flamingo's with their bright green sunglasses. I took a quick snapshot of a foxglove because I just love foxgloves. I was able to snap 4 pics showcasing the clydesdale display (a visiting display on loan from St. Louis, MO, my old stomping grounds). Ok NO pun intended. Reminded me of home somehow~~ The picture of the "running clydesdales" is a picture of a picture. I thought it looked very realistic looking even if it was just a snapshot. Then I took closeups of the gear and the wagon wheel. I thought some of these would be perfect inspiration for cardmaking. The rest are just quick snaps of the other venues. Look at that ostrich acrobat, he's quirky. ~enjoy... Click on the collage to enlarge it for a better view.

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