August 11, 2008

A-Z Alphabet Inchie Swap - UPDATES

Edited: Bumping this back up to post the latest news on 11 Aug 2008. I've received one more set from PP Allison still waiting on 2 sets and then they will go postal!! If I don't receive them worries, I will make up whichever sets don't arrive so everyone will get a full A-Z swap. Stay tuned....

Edited: 07 Aug 2008. Hi everyone! The inchie swap is in full swing. Only 3 more sets left to arrive and I will start assembling the sets for mailing. Still out: Letters A, B, (Tracy), H, T (Allison) and U, V, (Beth). I've moved this blog post up to the top to post the udpates. Stay tuned~~

A is for Apple

Here is an example. This picture although big is really 1inx1in

Edited to Add: I changed the number of participants to 13 and Inchies to two letters each.... a friend of mine pointed out that in order for each person to get a full set to exchange of the alphabet they would have to do 26 to swap. So I changed it up so that each participant would get two letters of the alphabet and only have to make 13 of each letter. That will alleviate boredom with one design. Inchies are small so doing 26 won't be that hard. I never was that good at math. winkwink

Ok guys I am throwing down my first ever A-Z Alphabet INCHIE Exchange/Swap. I will need 13 participants for this thing to fly so sign-up peeps!!! When complete we will all have a full A-Z set of 26 Inchies. This is similar to ATCs swaps you are all used to except we are doing 1x1 Inchies. How fun is THAT!! If you need inchie supplies or ideas head on over to Ellen Hutsons webstore she has lots of stuff.

Here are the UPDATED AS OF JUN 20TH dete's -

1. Rule number 1 – HAVE FUN - =D

2. Make 2 sets of 13 same image Inchies with an image using a letter of the alphabet (you each have your letters now) - one will be from me. For example: if you are assigned an "A" you could used an image that begins with the letter "A", such as an Apple. You would make 13 Inchie Apples and then 13 of your second letter “B” for example you would make 13 inchies with an image of a ball. These are examples only use any image you choose

3. 13 of 2 same images total NOT 13 unique/different images

4. You will make a total of 26 inchies to swap

5. No Vendor Restrictions

6. Quality Work – chipboard or heavy cardboard for backing

7. Use of an embellishment (creative candy, glitter…your choice)

8. Use the letter on your Inchie (See example below)

9. Postmarked by August 2

10. Include SASE w/return envelope and postage

11. Store your finished product in a ziplock bag or some protective covering

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I will keep everyone updated on a regular basis as we make progress. Visit my blog for updates. Be sure and say hello or leave a comment. I have links to the Inchie Thread on SCS as well on the right side of my blog under the title “Dashboard” I’ll try and update at both places and via email.

Thanks for joining my swap, I can’t wait and see everyone’s creations….

(Click the example picture to go to Ellen Hutson's Inchie Blog)

My email address can be found on my sidebar under my profile picture click on "View My Complete Profile"

A. Tracy Durcan ~Durcan Designs~

B. Tracy Durcan ~Durcan Designs~

C. littleseaotter

D. Linda - lkrhodes

E. Kim H Running on Ink

F. littleseaotter

G. Me =D

H. Allison A (SCS Gallery)

I. Maria Kitchen Sink Stamps

J. Helen Craftyprayer

K. Linda - lkrhodes

L. Helen

M. Me =D

Maria Kitchen Sink Stamps

O. Michelle G
~Out On a Limb Blogspot~

P. Michelle G
~Out On a Limb Blogspot~



Kim H Running on Ink

T. Allison A
(SCS Gallery)

U. Beth ~astampingoodtime~

V. Beth ~astampingoodtime~

Damaris - please send me your link if you have one

Damaris - please send me your link if you have one

grammysammy437 (SCS)

grammysammy437 (SCS)



michelle g. said...

Count me in! What an awesome swap!

Kim H. said...

Sounds like fun- Count me in!

LittleSeaOtter said...

I'll play.

Kitchen Sink Stamps said...

if there is still room... I would love to play! Adore looking at those cute inches! Great chance to make them! :D

Beth said...

I'll play! This sounds like fun!

Tracy Durcan said...

Don't kick my butt, but I am soooo late!! I am soooo sorry!! They are coming, I swear!!

~me said...

No worries Tracy! We love you.

Tracy Durcan said...

ok, mine are all set and will go postal tomorrow morn, maybe this afternoon. I had to go get an alphabet set because I forgot to bring one to Maine!!

LostLuggage said...

What happened? You took out yesterday's post?? lol IT already hit the feed..but now I can't comment.

It's TOTALLY OK to say you're pissed...I wish more people had the guts to say it! :)


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