August 20, 2008

A Quick Inchie Update

Hi Tracy! I received your inchies today and they are so fabulous. Love them. I am still waiting on one final set but I expect these to go postal this weekend. I haven't posted in awhile and my crafty space is tore-up-from-the-floor-up. Sadly not, because I have been in it at all. I will post peeks soon and a ton of other fun stuff as time allows. I have been super uber busy with life in general, nothing earth shattering, just same ole same ole but whew that's enough. I have sooooo many fun things waiting in the wings to share and create. So stay tuned. Are ya with me? yoohoo anyone out there? I hope so. Even though I'm not around I read you'se guys blogs everyday in my reader and I have been keeping in touch all along. ciao for now.


Tracy Durcan said...

Oh I'm so glad they made it!!

Tina said...

Don'tcha hate it when no one comments on your blog?? I know I do...


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