August 07, 2008

Wanted...A Horsewoman's Card Using SU Western Set

I did this card a while back and forgot to post it. I made this for a female birthday card for an avid horse enthusiast. I "wanted" hehe pun intended? this card to have a more feminine feel. The stamps were chosen by the customer who wanted this card. When he chose the more male rodeo horse image I had a time making it prettier vs manlier. I think I achieved what I wanted. The outside has the word "wanted" and inside says "genuine article". So I thought it could mean "Wanted, genuine article" for your birthday. Or something along those lines. Its a generic card for any occasion and I think that Happy Birthday can be written inside. I like how it turned out and I CASEd elements of the card from a card I found in the extensive Mz Anna Wight galleries. Have you checked out her galleries lately OMG no problemo finding inspiration in there. Woohoo. Hats off to you Anna you are stampin' R O Y A L T Y with a Capital "R". I hope little C_Biscuit if feeling better too. =C He's so cute.

Here's Anna's (above). I stole the little lasso/boot idea, the sketch and the background stamping. Ouch that's almost all of it short of the color scheme. Well how does that saying go? Duplication is the highest form of flattery?

Here's Mine.


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