August 20, 2008

My New Boudoir

I couldn't wait to post pictures of my new bedroom furniture set. I was going to wait until I had the entire scene set, with new lamps in place, wall art etc... But I'm so excited about it so far I thought I would post what I have for now. The pictures are so bad and fuzzy and the lighting is bleh too sorry for that. IRL it's super pretty with the chocolate and white.

Full picture

The inspiration piece - woohoo - I like mine better but this was my jumping off point

Side view. The lights are not this color IRL, the picture made it much oranger. It's pretty I think. I don't know what that white thing on the floor is. Probably a sock. I forgot to tuck the side sheet in too in my haste.

Side table no. 1 w/bedside carafe. The cleaning lady (believe me its rare and random when I can have a cleaning lady, usually when I am in a panic and behind on everything I break down and get one for a day) broke the hurricane so I replaced it with the wrong size. Hence the shade not fitting correctly. (see other lamp)

Bedside table no. 2

Chotski on end table no. 2 antique box with lid (poppies) Isn't this beautiful. I have stamps and stationery in it.

The bedroom furniture is the Farmhouse Collection from Potterybarn (see this post here). I know pinch yourself now. I was totally CASing the look and feel of said "Room No. 1" at "The Spring" (remember this post). I went there with my daughters for Mother's Day this year and a couple of times since. We loved the place so much we had to go back. My daughter is a regular there. It's a little spa totally off the beaten path and little known to the world (we hope it stays that way). They have approximately a total of 10ish+ rooms they all line this courtyard of the three mineral pools on premise (those are miraculous trust me on that one). Anyway, I think I've gotten it pretty close. I went with white sheets, a chocolate colored throw and accent pillows. My walls are still bare and the lamps are going to be swapped out. But until I find just the right lamps, these will have to do for now. I am going to sell these lamps either on etsy or ebay. I bought them for $150 for the pair and I will sacrifice these for $75 for the pair (firm) buyer pays shipping. They are vintage/country style, the shades are handmade and they have blue floral embellishment ribbon that pins on (I removed it to wash the shades), they are repro's not antique at all but they look it.

Anyway, I do digress. I hope you like the side by side inspiration views of my room. Thanks for stopping in.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Liz!!!

Michelle M White said...

Love it! So beautiful...enjoy!

Anonymous said...


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