August 05, 2008


Hi everyone. I'm sorry I've been quiet for so long. I have so much I wanted to post and to share. But life steps in sometimes and the busyness of it all takes over. I've had so much coming at me so fast all at once...some good, some bad, some not, work, ya' know? The inchies have been coming in like crazy and I am super excited about the quality and the beauty (thanks everyone). I promise some sneak peeks soon. I just need to stage them a bit and take photos.


I think there are still 4 sets we are waiting for. Once I receive everyones letters I will divide full sets from A-Z up and ship them off timely. I've had a crazy month since being back from off of vacation the first part of July. Yep its almost a month since I've been around. It's lonely in blogoland for one. I hardly have any comments. So I'm definitely not one of the cool kids on the block APPARENTLY. But I really don't do blogging for attention anyway. I do it for me, my friends and family firstly because we live far a part and it is a way for us to stay in touch. I've met some great folks through bloggoland but I guess if you aren't selling something or on a design team I guess you are just CHOPPED LIVER. I'm FINE REALLY. ROFL. I know the suspense is killing you right? But stay tuned more to come soon I PROMISE. Oh I did meet with the PRISSYPALS today for lunch. We met at Paper Tales and then ate at a little restaurant called Embers. It was really nice to see them again and to visit my favorite new store. I saw Michelle the owner and she cracked me up today because we were in about the same mood. Helle wasn't there because she is in I think Belgium? The restaurant while I thought it had good food in the past just wasn't up to par today. Our service was poor and it took forever to get our food. I was on my lunch hour from work and I really don't have 2 HOURS to grab a quick bite to eat. It wasn't even busy in there and that's why we couldn't figure out what the problem was. We didn't say anything but we all thought it was quite odd. They changed the type of bun they used on the French Dip and it was poor too. Bleh. I don't know why I feel so whiny today.

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