March 03, 2009

Cardiff by the Sea

Edited to add:  You really really need to click on the picture to enlarge it gives it a better effect.   We took my cousin and her new hubby (they were on their honeymoon) out to eat last night at this fabulous little restaurant on the ocean named "The Beach House".  I was so lucky to have been able to snap this photo of the sunset.  The marine layer had rolled-in and we pretty much chalked up the chances that we would be able to catch a sunset.  But we got lucky.  I was so glad because it was the first time my cousin ever saw the ocean (also the first time she ever flew).  I so wanted them to experience a cool sunset...I was trying to make it special for her bringing her to places I thought would have that wow factor.  Well we weren't disappointed.  The marine layer thinned out along the horizon line and this most beautiful bright fuschia began to show through.  This photo contains no editing and it doesn't even begin to convey the sharpness of the pink that we saw IRL.  OMGosh you should have seen the color.  All's I can say is (shout out to my sissy hahahaha) Hi Chicago.  The food was amazing as well.  

God is good...
We are so blessed

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