March 23, 2009

Live the Life You've Imagined...

Another one layer card. It's also a combo of digital and stamped, I guess they call those hybrids. The sentiment I printed onto the cardstock first lining it up just so, I used a two column layout with a landscape orientation. The font I used was "Lucinda Handwriting" in MSWord. I liked this saying and wanted to use it but didn't have a stamp for it (eeks) so I improvised. The stamp is from Stampscapes of course. I have always loved this stamp ever since I saw a card done with it over on Anna Wight's blog. So of course I h2h one for myself. Of course the ever clever circle mask for the moon. I think this turned out really pretty. I'm into one layer cards today it appears. EDITED TO ADD: IT APPEARS MY CAMERA IS STILL BROKE EXCEPT IT'S A NEW CAMERA...HENCE PROVING THAT IT IS OBVIOUSLY OPERATOR ERROR. THAT'S SETTLED ONCE AND FOR ALL I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE A POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA.

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Pauline said...

This is a lovely card. There isn't a card for everything, so improvisation is ok. Love the stamp though :o)


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