March 20, 2009


I'm so glad it's Friday. Plus I have the house to myself this weekend. YAYAYAYAYAY. The dh is ootown in Pheonix watching the Cubbies at Spring Training until Monday. All of the kiddies have moved out and so it's actually the first weekend I have had ME time in a long long time and I am going to enjoy it thoroughly I can tell ya' that. I MIGHT even be able to find Mo and Jo. OMG I am sooooooo excited about this solitude. I have needed a mental health weekend for so freaking long. A question.... anyone out there in blogoland.... it's a burning question does anyone know why some of Martha Stewart's punches are white and some have the green handles? It has been bugging me. I noticed the green colored ones in WalMart you know that store that sells walls.... yet the ones they sell at Michaels are white? As a collector I like stuff to match. All of the MS punches that I have purchased so far have been white. Any ideas blogopals? What's with the green punches?

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Allison A. said...

I will only tell you if you actually make a card... your last physical card was on 2/13 and it was hardly a valentine... you did have the pink thing going for you... LOL... enjoy your weekend of freedom!


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