December 12, 2010


Ha! had ya goin' there din't I?  I like to coordinate or customize an envelope (aka envies in papercraft circles) with each of my handmade cards.   For each one of these I did a simple punch in the corner of the envelope.  When the card is inserted into the envelope you can then see a coordinating color peek through the punch window.
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I also like to include a customized signature on the back of each card.  Normally I just use a coordinating mini-stamp, initial and date each card.  I think it makes each card nice and personalized.  I Thought I'd share a snapshot of each of the finished batches of cards.  I think I have a total of 30 cards FINISHED and its not even JULY?!?


They might even go out before Three Kings Day this year (Jan 06).  Smiley from My husband and I have a standing joke because normally I am a little late with my cards (NOT).  He kind of gets on me and says, "when are you going to start making your cards?  If you don't hurry up they will be late."  To which I always reply, "If I get them out by Three Kings Day I'm "safe".  Smiley from Te-he.  I always say the holiday isn't over until Three Kings Day or July 4th whichever comes first.

HEY haven't you ever heard of.... Christmas in July.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Smiley from

Friends are the true gift of the season!
I thought the star punch was a good coordinate with Santa and Wreath
 Close-up of "envy" and back of card (Initial and Year)
With a nice coordinating mini-wreath stamp.

Enjoy the wonders of the season, envelope and back of card.
I like how the snowflake punch and mini-snowman stamp coordinates with Polar Bear
 Close-up of and back of card (Initial and Year)

I thought the snowman punch and mini snowman stamp coordinated well with this card

Wishing You Holiday Peace.  
The deer punch worked great with this card

It's fun to coordinate punches and mini-stamps to make Envy's. Give it a try and see if someone doesn't envy your creations.  Speaking of envy.  It was 72 degrees today in the shade.  Don't hate.

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