December 18, 2010


One more quick post tonight.  I S.C.O.R.E.D again in the hoarding bulk-bargain-shopping arena again.  I stumbled upon an Etsy shop that sells the bakers twine that I've been using a lot of lately.  It's called "The Twinery".  They have lots of twine over there and they offer sampler packs with eight colors of twine with 15 yards of each color.  So I called on one of my P. R.!S.S.y pals {that's P.aper, R.ibbon, !nk, Stampin', Scrappin' and Y.atayatayata for those of  you who don't know this} over at Shadow's Castle Stamps to see if she would like to split one of the samplers with me.  That gave us each 7-8 yards of each color.  The sampler arrived today... it was a good mail day.  Lookie

It comes bundled (the package on the right)with cute little labels. I wound my portion onto some empty wooden spools that I had leftover when I wound all of my other ribbons onto my new ribbon keepers.  I wound two colors to a spool because there was room for it.  I just love the names of the colors.  Maraschino cherry (heart), Mandarin, Lemondrop, Peapod, Cappuccino (heart), Pink Sorbet, Caribbean and Lilac.  Get out.


I feel very reverent lately and shall end everything from here on out with an Amen, a moment of silence OR prayer as necessary.

Right now I just feel holy.

Holy Mother of Pearl help me.

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