December 04, 2010


I thought I'd get up this a.m. and finish organizing my ribbons.  I purchased new ribbon spooler's (The Best Craft Organizer, Spool and Store Ribbon storage & dispenser system. <--- I bought mine from Inky Antics.  NOTE: this is non-compensated.  Me likey and thought I'd give a critique.  So listen up! 

I'm always looking for ways to store my loose ribbon that takes up less space.  I thought to myself... self, this will only take you an HOUR tops.   You can spool it while sipping the morning KAWFEE and by the time you are done with your KAWFEE you'll be done.  What time is it?  Yep almost five p.m. and I am just now finishing up.  However, it is all spooled now, color coordinated and I will not ever have to do this again.  EVER

I highly recommend this system just start using it before you stockpile 5 years of ribbon.  I only spooled the loose ribbon that I have.  The ribbon that was already on a spool or greater than 3 yards stayed on the original packaging.  If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  • Organized by color not style. 
  • There are six dispensers per storage tray 
  • 6 slots in each dispenser
  • Each spool/slot holds approx 3 yards of ribbon
  • Each dispenser can hold up to six, 1/2 to 1 inch ribbon or
  • 12, 1/4 inch ribbon
  • Each dispenser holds from 18-36 yards of ribbon. 
  • I have 6 total storage trays (36 dispensers)
You do the math.  Amen.  Apparently I have 480-14,000 yards of ribbon. 

A moment of silence please, bow heads.  Thank you
 Red, Orange, Yellow...
 Purple, Indigo, Pink
 Whites, Blacks, Browns, room to grow
 Golds, Silvers, Neutrals, room to grow and the spooler tool that stores nicely in the tray.  I have one empty tray still in the box in case I get more ribbon.

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Debbie Yates said...

Very, very cool...may have to look into this....


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