May 07, 2008


I will not be able to post for a while......... I am going to be OOtown until TUESDAY next week. I am attending a 2-day training in Costa Mesa on Th and Fri this week (this is 5 miles from the hotel) , ok so YES I'm going to the OC and staying at a Hilton (I know and I am whining, sometimes I just have to listen to myself).... then to LA for fun (this is 4 miles away from my daughters place) with my number one daughter (firstborn in case number two daughter is reading 2 daughter has finals so no fun for her this weekend...we leave her back at the ranch) Leah the groomer girl, then to Palm Desert Sun-Mon with number one daughter for some rr for mother's day. woohoo. The big thing is I WON'T BE NEAR A COMPUTER eGads I will go into withdrawals.

I haven't been able to craft for 3 weeks as it issssssss. Now another weekend bites the dust. I know grrrr I HAVE to go to Palm Desert for the weekend but somebody has to do it. I used to have a laptop but alas I ONLY have a desktop now. I guess ya can't drag that around. Well now that I have my itinerary figured out (links in this post I just set) I am not so bad. From the sounds of my withdrawals it sounds like I could stand to get away from this box and have a real life. Ok I'm over it. I'm fine now... I'm going going gone.... see you on the other side of the weekend. See you Tuesday.... sorry I can't blog much lately. OOOhhh a post script... I did sign up for a class 31 May 1-3 session at Paper Tales

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