May 31, 2008

Crazy Tales from Paper Tales =D

Well I'm back from the morning over at Paper Tales (remember you can click on anything that is larger and in bold for hyper links to their blogs and websites also click on any picture to see it close up. My camera skills aren't the best so if you want a better look click on the pictures themselves for enlargements) and I am doing a quickie post with the sights of the Grand Opening. When you meet blog friends you feel like old friends the internet is wonderful the way it brings people together. We met some real PRISSyPal stamping royalty for sure....we met Stampin Gal Val, Emily over at Stampin Scoops, Linda of course and her MOM. I mean talk about A MUSE CREW. I also met some new PRISSyPals. One girl named Michelle over at wow does she have a nice website. Go check it out because its real professional and there is a lot of great design ideas over there. It looks like she is a fellow SU demo too. HI MICHELLE!! new PRISSyPal. It was all such a flurry of excitement now that I think about it we should have hung around and talked with Linda and her mom some more. Well they had a class after us so it was a little hectic. As always Michelle and Helle were great fun. They are so nice and welcoming. I tell ya I should have taken a picture of the cookies and bars that they had for us. What was I thinking? Without further ado.... here are the pics....


Store front window(above)

Store props. Look closely because the two bluebirds of happiness are shortly going to be going solo.

Yepper because one of them came home with me. LOVE

More store displays. Look at those lollipops. I should have bought one. How cute are those?

Free stuff-- it was appropriate that I won the Melissa Frances slippers in my grab bag because I had a cool new pedicure. In honor of Linda and the A Muse Crew I had my pedi done in the A Muse Kitchen Notes-ish design.

Here's the kitchen note paper.....

Here's the pedi...I know I know....but its an honest obsession!!!! ROFL I tell ya' I'm a super big fan what can I say. Well of all things PRISSy of course. Um it appears I must have a mani-pedi obsession or foot fetish because it's not the first time I've blogged about my nails. I really don't think my feet are all that. In fact one time I took a picture of my feet because it was injured. I need to stop giving so much BLog INK...aka BLINK to the topic of feet. ROFL.

Standing from l-r, val, scoopy, mom and linda. This is the class after ours. All pics above.

My new mom!! Let me tell ya' she is one talented lady (you too Linda winkwink) I picked her brain as much as possible because she literally does thousands of card samples for all of the US A Muse events and openings and sneak peeks etc... She taught me how to tie a flatter knot. C O O L

3of6 Cards from the class. I learned a new scallop techique and shading with Copics.

3of6 (2nd set) We did masking, I learned sanding white core paper techniques. I also learned that I make the most mistakes of everyone and had to try things 3x's sometimes. I kept stamping upside down. I think I was so flustered because I was around royalty. hehe

My wish list just got smaller. This is my haul. OF course I had to shop! I finally got the Journal Notes from
Crafty Secrets and I picked up a few more A Muse Stampers.

Fun was had by all. I hope you enjoyed the news.... wish you were here too. Congratulations Michelle and Helle I wish you much success now and forever!! Thanks Linda, Scoopy, Mom and Val. It was great meeting everyone. Stop by again sometime.


Amy said...

Looks like an enormous amount of fun!

But now I just have to *do* you tie a flatter knot? ;-)

Valerie said...

Hey! Fun times were had by all that is for sure! It was great to meet you, too.


Vicki C said...

OH I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW! I can wait to come check out that fantastic place.. and see you , helle and Michelle.. of course!

Michelle said...

I found you and you found me! It was certainly a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for the shout-out on your blog. I've got you in my reader so that I'll be up to date with all things Prissy! *wink*

scoopy (Emily) said...

Such a fun day! It was great to meet you in person! How did the photo of us turn out? I'd love to have it if it turned out ok. :)

chelemom said...

What fun! Love all the stuff you got! (ANd your toes look cute!)


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