May 16, 2008

More Pics!!

I have been so MIA from my crafting eek 1 month now since I have done anything FUN in my craft room. Oh well. life is like that sometimes. I will do my ATCs this weekend and get them out for the next swap (I'll set links later quick post for now). Maybe that will get my mojo going. I hope so because I miss it so much. I need to strike a balance and it can be a balancing act at times. One of which I am failing at miserably. I hope I don't lose my 2 readers ROFL. Kidding. As promised here are some more pictures of "The Spring". They don't do justice to just how serene and nice everything was. The rooms might look plain but they were actually very "rich feeling".

A picture of our courtside room (above all pics will be above the text written) understated yet elegant. The throw is a qawgeous chocolate brown. The paint on the walls was different hues of sand, browns, saffrons....quintessential desert colors of course. But just so pretty. Of course being the artist that I am I noticed the color palettes, textures, lighting. They all were very pleasing.

Of course I had to take a picture of the flowers. Simple pleasures.

A picture of their cards (wink) brochure. I thought the little white dry flower tied with that rafia ribbon was adorable. Again speaks to the feel of the entire place. Simple, tasteful, less was definitely more feel of the place. Instant Bliss says it all. My daughter had just cut some pineapple for us to snack on. Isn't she thoughtful? My two daughters are the best.

The little kitchenette in our room completely stocked with dishes and utensils if you need them.

Little bowls of apples and towel bins were dotted around the premesis. A dry clean towel right at your finger tips everywhere you went. Comfort x's 100

Vintage wash basis outside around the grounds

A picture of my beautiful daughter that treated me to this experience for mother's day. Sweet Pea!! She's the Princess of Quite A lot. My other daughter is the Queen of Everything was at home because she had finals to study for =C. It would have been a perfect place to study but she couldn't come.

Modeling her new sun dress we just picked up earlier that week at an outlet mall. She looked so sunny, young and cute in it.

This was the view from my lawn chair while I was lying down looking up. Yep I know rough.

See the duck? I tried to get a shot of him while he was swimming in the pool but he hopped out by the time I ran to the room and grab my camera. This is another one of the mineral pools. I didn't know there were mallard ducks in California. hehe.

Here he is running off. A little camera shy I'd say.


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michelle g. said...

I'm glad you had such a relaxing mother's day! It looked wonderful -you deserved it!!!


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