May 28, 2008

PSA Alert!!

Hi everyone! I know not much crafty is goin' on here lately but alas life steps in and the busy-ness of it all takes over and currently is WINNING... grrrr. I have been trying to F O C U S like a laser beam but not so much...., I even began another blog to track my daily struggles/triumphs with fitness and nutrition (I haven't made it 100% on the public radar screen just yet... We wouldn't want people to pass out of fright by viewing the b4 pics eek - ROFL). I wanted to post a quick post to let everyone know I just scheduled my follow up mammogram as recommended by my health care practitioner. That's why I titled this post as my PSA for the week. Public Service Announcement. I hope that everyone schedules their screenings regularly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I was going over my appointment time options and the technician had a few openings. One of which was on Friday, the 13th? I didn't think I should schedule my mammo on Friday the 13th it's scary enough already...right? Geesh not a good plan thanks. Anyway, I'm all scheduled up and excited to get this over with for another year.

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