December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!

Wow where does the time go? The holidays snuck up on me again!!. Surprisingly I've actually have gotten more done "in time" than before but it feels like I didn't. I don't know the holidays always make me crazy 1 way or another. Here's more pictures of my holidays. I must say this every year... but this year my tree is the best I've ever had, the house decorations are "just right" with us just putting out our favorite things vs 8 boxes of things. It just feels more simplified and yes how appropriate to close out the year accomplishing the feel of my "word for the year". To simplify simplify simplify. I do believe I've reached it!!! I can move on to a new word and I've already picked it out. I just hope I continue to like the word I've chosen and I don't go flipflopping around again and switching my word a million times like last year.

Anyway, a couple of the new cards I am posting I CASEd from the design team members over at A Muse art stamps. My problem is it's all a blur and I can't remember exactly where I snagged these from. So I apologize for not properly crediting the sketches. I added bling and fur etc hehe but the sketches are not mine. CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO ENLARGE THEM to see the details better.

This first card was sooooo cute I just had to CASE it. The "design team" members over at A Muse are definitely doing their job because I had to run out and purchase more stamps to do this card.

A couple of techniques of note. I added the oval A Muse creative-candy sticker to the "Peace on Earth" tag. I also stamped the carolers a second time on some music note paper, cut out the sheet music and paper pieced it on top of the carolers so the sheet music looks authentic. Loves: the black kitchen note paper looks like snow falling at night, paper tearing technique makes the white paper look like snow drifts and EVERYTHING else. Oh you can't see it but the front reindeer has a red bling nose.

This next card (BELOW) I CASEd from a card I saw over at my new favoritest store EVER PAPERTALES. OMG Michelle (and everyone else... Diane and all.... I forget everyones names sorry) is such a genius over there and her store just gets better and better. Everytime I go there she has more NEW stuff and of course I h2h it ALL. They are so nice that if I ever want to CASE something on display thye make a photo copy for me. Oh and I've been the way they are my new REAL friends not VIRTUAL friends any more. I was so excited about this to have new REAL friends. I told her I didnt have any real friends... just virtual ones. Meeting Michelle and crew through blogoland first and then so meeting them IRL I had to actually remember that they're real friends now. hahahaha.

How cute is this? Techniques uses: masking to make the reindeers look layered. Of course, LOTS of glitter. Glitter is my new favoritest tool. LOVES: Toile ribbon (red). Of course I have it in every color. OH I almost forgot I FUN FLOCKED the deer antlers how funny is that.

Next card.... a mix of stamps because I didn't have the A Muse tree lot stamp so I used SU. Note the glitter on the tree. LERVE

IRL - LOVE THIS PICTURE of the bug with the tree on it.

I took all of these pics in a dark room with my night setting and it still looked liked there were lights on. I wanted to get that cool nightime effect. But alas I am NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER.

This is my little 6 in. tree sits in a corner on my counter top right next to my coffee maker. I've had this little guy for years and he brings me happiness year after year. NOTE: mini tree skirt and presents.

Some of my favorite clear fairy ornaments

Fairy number 2

Look at the white spot to the left of the tree.... my daughter says those are angels/spirits whenever you see those little white spots in photos. but look at the next photo of the tree it looks like the Angel spirit moves to the tip of my tree and becomes a glowing star... eerie huh?

See the glow (white spot that moved right) at the tip of my tree? Angel star.

Happy Holidays! Hurry up and go out there and get your last minute stuff done I know I have to. ~later

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Allison said...

Holy Christmas Batman... and an official 'welcome back' to the stamping land... love all of the cards!!!


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