August 07, 2009

Typo Alert and other Such Nonsense

I'm pretty sure this label is supposed to read "Barely Beige" as in the word "bare"? OR if it was meant to be "Barley Beige", which is entirely possible as "Barley" is somewhat beige in color then the "ey" would be correct. OR maybe it is barrelleybarrelleyberrelley as in merrily merrily merrily. I mean markers in LOTS of colors are a very merry thing. OR maybe the dental procedure I had yesterday was a bit too close to the brain? I'm just sayin'! I do have a life. I really really really DO. Srsly that is misspelled. I'm sorry it just is. WHO proofed this thing before it went to production? Security.

Edited to add: speaking of dental work... After the plan estimate my U.S. dentist quoted me yesterday, I have been seriously considering going outside the U.S. to complete my work. Before everyone panics, I'm talking traveling 15 miles south. Calm down, stay with me. However... I'm not sure if I want to go to a clinic where they use the word "easy" for the use of the word "ease"


Edited to add2: I knew that Billy guy was on something! I just knew it.

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