August 05, 2009

Have I told you lately...

Another blogger Melissa over at Highly Entertaining posed the question, "have you noticed anything worth passing along" (I'm not sure how worthy mine are) ? WELL. Yes, I thought I would play along and here are mine:
  1. Sometimes I wish you really could extract your own teeth by tying a string to a doorknob, attach the other end of the string to your tooth, slam the door and rid yourself of dental problems.
  2. ...have you ever noticed the frequency of the use of the word "loose" when they really meant to use the word "lose". Ha, I catch that one all the time.
  3. I'm not sure if I like the use of "SPOX" for the plural of the word Spokespersons?? I saw this on a ticker that runs along the bottom of the television screen. The author was saying something regarding Clinton's spokespersons and instead they said Clinton's spox. Clever? I think Webster or Merriam would roll over in their graves. I suppose I could have used role. Would you have caught it? Texting is like a virus and it's spreading to mainstream media.
  4. What else? Oh as long as we're on the subject of words... I cannot tell you how many times I see something misspelled on the television. Unless of course the urban dictionary is your resource, then you're safe.
So do you have any?

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