August 08, 2009

Its a Bird, It's a Plane, NO it's...

Superdaughter? It was a beautiful evening for flying ( <---click - for some CRAZY PEOPLE. I took these with a point and shoot but it's times like these I wish I had lots of zoom. There were 10 balloons in all up tonight. I love hot-air balloons but you wouldn't catch me dead in one of them. They are pretty however. Warning!! Lot's of pictures... but I like pictures, don't you?

Hot Air Balloons

Sunset - LaJolla, CA
Sunset - LaJolla, CA

Can't my daughter read? It's says, "PILOTS ONLY", "NO PARKING", "EMERGENCY LANE", and most importantly... "KEEP CLEAR"
Ah..hem? "DON'T CROSS"
BUT...NO it's thumbs up for Paragliding
The pilot is taking a test drive to see if the winds are STRONG enough
Second thoughts? Now's your last chance to RUN away. Hurry quick.
Pilot coming back to get my daughter because she apparently CAN'T READ and the winds are perfect.
All systems go with a little instruction

Just get a running start. HEY didn't your mother ever tell you? Just because your friends are jumping off a bridge (er in this case, cliff) doesn't mean you have to. STOP don't go. Look at that guys calves!
Commit (this was one of my favorite shots)
OMG Noooooooooooooo

They went up and down the coast. It was beautiful and the wind was cooperating. The pilot said that sunset flights are very rare. Usually they only get 10 days a year where sunset flights are a-go. The winds are usually not strong enough after sunset. Best flying times are from noon-3:00. He said she was LUCKY.

Safe landing. Peace out yourself little Missy, now get out of that get-up. Look at that guys calves!

Deflate the KITE already it might take off again when your not looking. EEK



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BlessedinTexas said...

WOW, on the pictures and the sunsets!!!

Thanks for bloggin for all of us to enjoy@@


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