August 03, 2009

PSA Alert!!

In case your wondering what this has to do with my PSA, play the video (replay 2x while reading it really adds to the effect) and then read on (ROFL).....

I went and had my annual mammogram last week. Not to be confused with a singogram where hot guys sing happy birthday to you in a costume that includes short shorts. Although it wouldn't be a bad idea for a distraction while having the "real" thing done. In case you've never had one and would like to know what it feels like. Place your bubby on the garage floor underneath the open garage door. Press the remote control and close the garage door (slowly if possible). Make sure bubby is nice and flat. Take a quick snapshot. Using the remote, open said garage door. There all done for another year. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Unless your a guy, then, maybe. See how YOU like it.

Seriously, it's not all that bad and I have to tell's a very important screening tool and If your a woman, get yours done. Go ahead. You can do it. It's fun! Trust me on that. It does kind of seem like your being closed in by the garage door though. Just saying.

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