February 03, 2008

Are You Ready for some Foodball...er an I meant Football

Hi everyone! Happy Superbowl Sunday. Well I lost my F O C U S like a laser beam. Just throw health and fitness out the window. I turned into a real FOODIE today. I don't know call me crazy but I was in the mood to cook today, which is a very rare occurrence being that I work full time (wft). If you inverted the t and the f and made it wtf.... instead of wft... it could stand for something else but I will keep it clean on the blogosphere. ROFL. Thanks Pioneer Woman for blowing my F O C U S...nice goin'. I just thought I would share some photos of the superbowl spread I just put on. Now if I could just stay out of the kitchen and do something fun like craft.... I got my menu and all of the recipes from another blog I've been following and just discovered "Pioneer Woman Cooks". Apparently from the looks of it I am the last one to stumble upon her blog as she gets close to 3000 comments on a post. Geesh She is one popular gal and rightly so she has an amazing site with lots of fun stories and tons of info including recipes. Enjoy, I think these dishes turned out great....

Better than $#* chicken wings with blue cheese and ranch dip. Veggies to cool it down but they weren't hot at all.

Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapeƱos with raspberry dip. Don't you love my green plaid dish that I got at a garage sale for 25cents? One of a kind I just love that plate. These weren't hot either just flavorful. Pioneer woman recommends running 13 miles after this meal..Yum

Turtle Brownies - box - I burnt them but that is my signature I always burn at least one dish. Not on purpose I lose my focus when I am busy.

Quesadillas and all the fixin's. How do you like my little lamb toothpick holder? I've had this forever too another garage sale find.

Plated...let's eat...Like I said focus out the window but it was a dern great menu enjoyed by all.

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Kathy said...

This is TOO FUNNY! For the Super Bowl, I made the chicken wings from Pioneer Woman's blog too! I found her blog several months ago, and made the wings for my husband one day. HE LOVED THEM! Now, he thinks I should make them for EVERY football game. I have also made her brisket, Marlboro Man sandwich, and olive cheese bread recipes. YUMMY!


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