February 08, 2008

It's gonna be one lonely week in blogoland for sure

I can't believe how desolate it is gonna be in blogoland with CHA going on and everything. I must be the only one not attending and it's in my own backyard. I cannot wait until we get to see all of the new stuff that will be coming our way and the pictures that I am sure other PRISSy pals are gonna share on their blogs. For one I am especially excited about the Crafty Secrets new stamps sets that are coming out (a whopping 12 sets). The sneak peaks have been A M A Z I N G. Scroll down in this post to see the sneak peak of the latest stamp sets they are getting ready to release. I see my name on at least half of them for starters. Of course I would rather have it all, but half will have to do. Go check it out. They are cool. I'm not a paid endorser in anyway of CS just a number one fan!!

1 comment:

Sharon in NE said...

I call the number 2 spot for the fan roster. (I see another kewpie set in there...and I want the birds...oh my...)

Let's sneak in and surprise Vicki. You create a distraction and I'll go around and open the back door.


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