February 02, 2008

WELL as Long as We're Having a Wedding Theme Today on the BLOG....

In honor of my anniversary a bit of comedy for perspective.... I apologize in advance if this should offend ANYONE or if you happen to be related to anyone in these photos. Really I'm sorry... I post these with the best possible intentions ROFL>>>

Well I finally dusted off some of those old wedding pictures I was talking about in an earlier post. This is just so wrong... ;( You really need to click on them to get all of the fine details. I'm sure someone photoshopped these. I mean come on all the way down to the flip flops? Some computer geek very bored one day.

I also found the newspaper article of the engagement announcement. I especially like the sentiment on my fiances t-shirt. So warm and loving...if I throw a stick will you leave...

I highly recommend this 4 tiered cake. So easy peasy to pull off, Martha would be so proud of me - Enjoy

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