February 08, 2008

Just JoHanna February Real Deal

Tomorrow, February 9th is my birthday and one of my PICs aka Partner's in Crime alias PRISSy pal Allison A., (Hi Allison) smart one that she is ordered this deal for me from JustJohanna's (JJ). Does she know me and is this cool or what? For one thing this is SO SUPER NICE of her and WAY too much. But I do love love love it. I was so excited about it I just had to post this for now but MORE pics to come because in JJs package included with the stamps are some really and I mean really cool cards. I don't know if this is normal (packaged with all orders) or extra but they were nice. Allison also got me a couple of additional stamps to go with the February Special Bundle Deal going on over at JJ so when I get pictures taken I will upload the entire package contents that came. Stampin buddies know that's all we want for our birthday's more stamps and PRISSy stuff pleazzzzze.


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