February 03, 2008

I Dig You

Isn't this the cutest groundhog? My dh got this for me for our anniversary. Yes he also got me all of the other standard issue... flowers... and other nice things... but this little guy was my favorite. It's so funny because I've just recently started embracing the fact that our anniversary falls on groundhog day. For years it was embarrassing really...can you imagine? Joe public: oh what day did you get married on? Me: groundhog day. It was just embarrassing. I don't know why I felt that way. Now it doesn't bother me, in fact now it's our little joke and we laugh about it. it's kind of like our special day. WHO ELSE would EVER get married on that day? Score! He found this little guy and it makes me laugh. Who knew you could find a groundhog with a heart on it. How perfect is that? Plus it was ironic we both got each other something with a groundhog holding a heart for each other. See this post here.

Here's a side view so you can see the full shot. My dog wants this bad but I punished him to stay away.

1 comment:

Emilia said...

He and the groundhog are such sweethearts! I bet you have a great great time on the groundhog day! :)

PS the chocalotes with emily on top are from M&M's. You could have M&M's custom that. Cute, right?


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