February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!...Sights and Sounds

February is such a great month for me. I am a triple winner. I celebrate my anniversary, my birthday and valentines day. I absolutely love valentines day. It's such a great holiday. I love everything about it... the love, the colors, hearts OMG what's not to love. Pun's intended. I love February. I love amethyst, I love the month, I love my birthday. It is just such a special month for me. I am not sure how the hubby feels. hahaha. He as to get busy 3 times all in a matter of a couple of weeks. Yikes. But he usually does a pretty good job. Flowers and candy to go around all month long practically. Probably not the best month to beg off sugar and flower. hahaha I meant flour. Freudian slip?

The hubbers and me. Remember this post?
29 years later still as cute as ever. ;D

Tea dress

Jam jars and jellies. Grams and grandaughter

Mr. Crow

There we are...the girls. Wow what a special picture 3 generations my 2 girls, me, my mom

I just love an old fashion candy store. Yum we picked up some goodies from here.

The main man. My Prince. (hehe that's really his name). Isn't he GREAT. OMG my guardian angel I REALLY REALLY don't know what I will do without him. L O V E him to pieces.

These are real. Daffodils my favorite flower. How nice the universe saw fit to put these in my day.

My adopted daughter and daughter (R). This is my daughter's friend Mardi-J but I call her my adopted daughter. She came to help me celebrate my big 5 0.

Me and moms

Here we are... this one is definitely a keeper


Jackie said...

Happy Birthday - it looks like you had a wonderful time! Those candy stores are so fun.

Lizzie said...

Hey Auntie Liz,

When Grandma was HERE, we had 4 generations under one roof.

boo yah. we win.

Lizzie said...

Hey Auntie Liz,

When Grandma was HERE, we had 4 generations under one roof.

boo yah. we win.

Sharon in NE said...

Those are the best pictures!!

I can just feel the love through the internet. Especially from My Prince. Whoa baby.

michelle g. said...

Happy Birthday (a little late!) what a fun day! You know I still have a little somethin somethin for you from when I quit and from x-mas...We need to get together soon!

Kathi Rerek said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentine's Day. All wishes are belated, but heartfelt!


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