February 08, 2008

Some more JJ Love from my PRISSy Pal Allison A. for my B'day

As promised here are more pics of my total haul that came today for my b'day. I tell ya the people at JJ are the best. They included a pack of RAK cards with my gift that were to die for and amazing....see...In addition to the February bundle I received I also received "chef Bella" and "chicklet chef" HOW CUTE ARE THOSE? Already have a home on my new stamp shelves. Allison even added another companion sentiment to the bundle that says "Happy Birthday with Sprinkles on Top" in the quintessential JJ mixed font free style

Is this not adorable?

A card using the February bundle:

I feel so avant gard with this next card

I just love the wheels on the pumpkin below making it into a carriage, so clever...I hope to find some hocus pocus on my b'day maybe making me skinnier and younger at the same time. Yikes

If I knew who to thank over at JJ for these wonderful RAKs I would but they arrived anonymously so I can only thank everyone!!


Tracy Durcan said...

I love jj stamps!! I just made a card with chef belle the other day :)

michelle g. said...

Too cute!!!

Kathi Rerek said...

Your cards are wonderful! You used your new jj stamps really well. You got a nice, nice gift!

justjohanna said...

LOL! I made 2 of those cards myself (the pumpkin coach one and the avant garde one). I think the peace one is Claudette Slowik & I don't recognize the others, but they are certainly a product of one of our early design teams. So glad you enjoyed them!


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