July 21, 2008

Bedroom Furniture

I am so excited I just have to share. My dh and I just bought our dream bedroom furniture. I feel so happy and grateful. You may find this hard to believe but I have NEVER owned a complete bedroom furniture suite. We have always just used whatever we had on hand, or hand me downs from family and friends, or garage sale finds. I always used to say everything I own is shabby chic except lately just more shabby than chic. hehe. Anyway, things worked out recently so I was able to purchase most of what I wanted. Hold onto your hats...I am getting the Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bedroom Collection in the Espresso finish. You heard it right, PB. Brand spakin' new (not outlet or used or dinked or anything). It will be delivered next week. They will unpack it, assemble it and carry it in. I don't have to do anything except enjoy it. It's on sale too and plus they gave me free shipping on most of it. (that's over $500 savings). I purchased the queen size bed (no canopy), 2 end tables with doors (these were brand new on the floor no catty or online yet), they are just like the ones shown online except picture 2 doors that close off the open shelf below and one tallboy dresser. We are going to get another tallboy and put 2 of those side by side vs. buying the wide dresser. We don't have space for the wide dresser. Plus that is all we could manage right now and that was enough. Here are some snapshots

I like the classic, clean simple lines in this collection. You can dress it up or down. Even though it is named the farmhouse collection its not necessarily country style. It can be very urban. This is what I liked about it.

I ended up getting the end tables with 2 doors. They are so new they are not shown in either the catalog or online. They look exactly like these side tables but just with doors covering that bottom part with the shelf. They were a bit more expensive (not much more in relative terms winkwink)

This tallboy is amazing. Although mose suites include one wide dresser and another one be it the tall or otherwise. Due to space constraints I felt the wide dresser scale was too big for the space. So I opted for one tallboy instead. Then we want to get another one and put them next to each other to make a "wall" of drawers to share. For now we have to keep it at one. This schtuff is pricey people. Anyway, I have to save my pennies for the second one. We have always paid cash for most things because we don't like credit. We figure if you can't afford to pay cash you can't afford it. I guess that's why it took me 29 years to get my first ever bedroom set. Anyways I'm just super excited. Thanks for sharing my good news with me. I will take pics when its in the room.


michelle g. said...

love it! gorgeous furniture, congrats -I know you have been wnating this for a long time, no more shabby, just chic! ;)

Gina P said...

Hey Girl! I love the furniture! Its you!!! Enjoy! does the Pottery Barn have a website, i'll search!


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