January 17, 2009

Bargain Shopping

I thought I'd share a couple of the places that I go to order bulk buys at super great prices on "All Things Pr!ssy". (I am not receiving any compensation for either of these plugs, just sayin' EDIT... I just like to share great deals...) I just re-ordered some TOMBO Mono Adhesive Refills from an online place called Penwa. I ordered the Qty 6 refills and even with shipping it averaged to only about $2.00 per unit (+ or - a few pennies). That is approx. half what you would normally pay for retail. I love a deal like that. Another place that I lerve to buy "bulk" from is Pink HedgeHog Paper Crafts. I have purchased a lot (almost all) of my ribbon from here. I got some of each of the following: polka dot organdy, narrow stitched, ricrac, solid grosgrain, narrow organdy and ginham... just to name a few. She has tons more... these are just the ones I purchased. Her ribbon averages about .25 to .30 cents a yard. (but check her website for specific prices and Qty's) ....which is about what I think you should pay for ribbon. I think Pink HedgeHogs products are the most reasonably priced that I have found. TIP OF THE WEEK: Even Michael's ribbon in the dollar bin if you look at the yardage on the spool you are paying approximately $1.00 a yard or more. You think you are getting a deal because it is in the dollar bin but in reality its not the best price so check those yardages and prices. I will on occasion purchase ribbon that is more than .30 cents a yard if I really really really like it or need it. But for the bulk ribbon I try to keep it under .30 cents a yard. Especially if you are like me and h2h some in every color, size and shape. So if you are just getting into PaperCrafts and would like to stock up... these are great resources to do so. I got really great service over there and she has always been very easy to work with and shipment was prompt and as expected (she even sticks a little sumpin' extra in usually) I also purchased all of my eyelets and brads from her too, ANOTHER great buy if you are in the market for those so go check it out.




(I got the 3/8in)



Postscript: Oh and here is the text from their "About Us" page I think it sums it up and says it all. They like to provide rock bottom prices and they do...

We are a new company started just this year (2007) after a frustrating and fruitless search for companies selling bulk ribbons, eyelets, brads, and other stamping and scrapbooking essentials. Our failure to find such a company lead us to the idea of starting our own.

We started our company with the purpose of providing quality ribbons and other embellishments at rock bottom prices. We have literally searched the world over for the best deals on our products in order to pass the savings on to our to you.

We are a family run business and we have a huge love of papercrafting arts, and a bigger love of finding a bargain!


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Allison said...

Thank you very little - you now owe me $50... JK But the PinkHedgehog will definitely benefit from your post as I just ordered enough ribbon to take down a small country. :)


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