January 12, 2009

What's Great about my Life Right Now?

Still designing my best year ever and I was completing another of the exercises. I am supposed to answer the following question. It's a great question and is built on the premise that before you can focus on designing your best life ever you have to come from a place of GRATITUDE. Yay because that fits right in with the word I've chosen for the year. Anyways... after giving it some thought here is what is great about my life right now...

There is so much great about my life right now I don't know where to begin? My family is all together and and healthy We love, support each other no matter what and keep things "rolling" always. I have a great job of which I am exceedingly happy and grateful for. I have finally achieved a modicum of simplicity in my life and surroundings (still a work in progress but I have made progress, it's hard downsizing after 30 years of accumulating). I highly recommend space clearing activities, purging etc. It is very cathartic peeps!!!! I can't wait to do more myself and continue with the space clearing projects. I have really great and fun friends both IRL and virtual. I have fur friends that are a constant source of joy and love. I have finally figured out how to be positive (well sort of ...hater that I am winkwink). My daughters are great peeps succeeding at their careers of choice carving out lives for themselves in this big bad world. Ok I better quit while I'm ahead because it's starting to head downhill (hear that tone of sarcasm creeping in).

Just wanted to multitask and list my things to be grateful for for the day and complete my assignment too.

More crafting later once I get home. Oh and I had a huge aha moment that will save me approximately $110 plus and I will share it with all of you. HINT: Its a repurposed item that will be used for organizing. I was so excited when I thought of it this morning I am going to stop and get supplies on my way home from work today. Cost of materials is going to be approximately $4.oo vs $100 if I would have bought a commercially made system. WHOA that's big. I was so excited I couldn't believe I thought of it. Well I am sure I am not the first to think of it but it was a new idea for me. I am going to try it. I'll take pictures and show you soon...

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