January 03, 2009

Remember the Inchie Swap?

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to tie up loose ends and organize. It's just all of the "Year in Review" activities. And I guess I wasn't a very good hostess because I did not get around to posting about my August Inchie swap until now. Remember this post? What I'm only four months behind? NO. I've been meaning to post pictures of everyone's submissions. I finally got around to photographing all of them. I took pics of each one individually and some group photos. They really turned out cute and if I have a link to each one I will provide it. Thanks again everyone for the great work and participating in my A-Z Inchie Swap.

A-Z Inchies (All)

A-Z Inchies (All, top view)

"D" Linda - lkrhodes

"E" Kim H Running on Ink

"F" Littleseaotter

"G" MissPrissy

"H" Allison

"I" Maria Kitchen Sink Stamps

"J" Helen Craftyprayer

"K" Linda - lkrhodes

"L" Helen Craftprayer

"M" Miss Prissy

"N" Maria Kitchen Sink Stamps

"O" Michelle G ~Out On a Limb Blogspot

"P" Michelle G ~Out On a Limb Blogspot

Q. Nubin craftinginohio.blogspot.com

"R" Nubin craftinginohio.blogspot.com

"S" Kim H Running on Ink

"T" Allison A (SCS Gallery)

"U" Allison A (SCS Gallery)

"V" Beth ~astampingoodtime

"W" Damaris


grammysammy437 (SCS)

grammysammy437 (SCS)

A-Z and Now I need to go get somes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs ~Enjoy


Tracy Durcan said...

I thought they were all REALLY fantastic!! :)

LittleSeaOtter~Kecia said...

Don't think of this as a late post. Just think of it as a way to look back at a great swap.


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