January 25, 2009

Shadow Castle Stamps!

Time for some Bl!nk (Blog Ink).  FINALLY my BPPF Allison (Best Pr!ssy Pal Forever, click previous link and see the third pic down on the right navy shirt and here the fifth pic down) has a blog. Her new blog name is Shadow Castle Stamps to show case her lovely creations.  I'm super happy for her and me because now we can share things and I will get to see her creations sooner. Go on over and show some love to our newest blogger.  Leave a comment or two we all like visitors and attention =D.

While we're at it.... another blog virtual friend (I just read her blog I do not know her IRL and we have never met) over at Love Blooms in Me has a shout out for some help.  We are all going through tough times right now and we all need to circle the wagons and help neighbor to neighbor.  She is requesting that everyone just give one dollar to help a family in need.   I think it's a very nice gesture on her part and hopefully she'll be able to raise enough to make a difference in someone's life.  I know if it were me needing the help I would hope someone would do the same.  Leave a comment on her blog and let her know I sent you.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

Welcome Allison to blogoland.  Enjoy and have fun and I can't wait to see your blog develop.  

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