January 02, 2009


I've decided on what my one word is going to be... it came to me, it came to me, insert jump up and down. As my daughter always says... first thought best thought.... so here goes.... my word to live by for 2009

As we express our gratitude,
we must never forget
that the highest appreciation
is not to utter words,
but to live by them.

~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Yes, not very original or new but this is the word I was first thinking of using and I decided to stay with my first thought. After all... all things should begin with a thankful heart. Yes, I have kept a gratitude journal for the past couple of years so like the word simplify its not a new concept. Just one I need to keep uppermost in my life.

I am supremely grateful for my mind and spirit. By God's Grace my Faith is strong. I'm also grateful for a sharp mind which is ever sharp right? I think? (others I am sure would beg to differ, ha!) also I am most grateful for my family. (my extended family, my mother, my sissies, my cousins everyone you know who you are (sorry I don't have any pics) and these guys....

Can you believe how fantastic they are????? These are my two babies. Wowser. Pinch me now. That's where my body went? my youth... my get up and go.... that explains IT. Give it back... you hear me I want it back now.

of course everyone knows how much I LERVE this guy....

Love that look on his face when I drive up

Ha I bet you thought I was going to post a pic of DH right then didn't you. Oh ok him too...He's the tall guy on the left holding the umbrella. And friends

Prissy Pals - HI Allison and don't be mad I LIKE this picture of you all professional and schtuff
(sorry I don't have more Prissy Pal pics but hi to you too).

Did you see the newest PrissyPal, Tina over at SassyCraftyLady, not only that she has a photography blog too with her friend Stephanie. They called it Stephinaphotagraphy? My daughter has some pictures. I hope Tina doesn't mind but I grabbed one to show. Isn't she a great photographer?

I'm grateful I live around this beauty... the midnight sun

Just another day in paradise...

Thanks to all of my fellow art therapy students aka fellow virtual and real friends (Hi Michelle) who I've met via blogoland who visit here and share their art throughout the year with me and provide such great unending inspiration and eye candy. This papercraft world REALLY REALLY has been a Godsend for me and at this point is not cheaper than therapy but that was last years excuse. hahahahaha

Here's a special shout out to SOME of my favs.

Amuse - need I say more?
Helle - Sweetest person on the planet EVER - BFF
Gina K - Home girl
Sweet Miss Daisy - Wow
Durcandesigns - Lerve
Flea Market Studio - Pretty
Julie over at Lostluggagereviews - Plethora of information - Home girl - Virtual Best Friend Forever (VBFF) hehehehe
Mary Rose - Saltbox Studio - Sweet
MishMash - Wowser
My Happy Little Life - Keepin' it Real
Paper Hugs - Kim Hughes - CHF - Angel
PaperTales - Latest Pusher er BFF
Vicki - Sweetest person on the planet EVER - BFF

SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE LONGEST POST KNOWN TO MAN. I COULD HAVE ADDED AT LEAST 20 MORE onto this list. For now. Just know. I read a lot of blogs and lover them all.

Here's to another great year. Try to choose your own intentions this year and stick with them. Now I am off to create some visual reminders and maybe some thank you note sets to give as gifts. Maybe I will specialize in thank you notes this year. How appropriate.


Tracy Durcan said...

Happy New Year!!:)

Wandering Sage said...

What no comment for your darling nephew on the other side of the world. Haha, just kidding. I loved the pics of the cousins.

Anonymous said...

Miss Prissy! I love your blog. And yes it's okay to use the photo! I can't for you to see the rest of Bess's photos! Happy New Years!!!


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