January 09, 2009

I'm so Happy and Grateful

now that.... I have zero balances on all of my credit cards. ZERO. Zero is such a loverly number that you'll ever know. zerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozero.
Red licorice
Pr!ssy things

Wow. It's a banner day. With all of the horror stories regarding debt these days. I feel the need to brag a bit. I feel like an exception not the rule...I admit we didn't have a lot of debt to begin with (comparatively speaking, compared with the the rest of society APPARENTLY) ...we have less than $5,000 on only 3 cards. But as of TODAY we paid ALL of our balances off and we owe ZERO ZIP NADA on our credit cards. I don't know I'm just so happy and please as punch I felt the need to brag a bit. With the exception of a couple of personal loans to family members... we owe nothing to anyone. We have no mortgage. We own our cars, so no car payment. We fix what we have and believe me it can get pricey. With the exception of our minimum monthly expenses housing, utilities, food, cable, internet, cell phones that is all we owe. WOW. It feels so good to say that. That is it. So freeing.... now onto savings accounts... need to start saving more for sure. I guess all of this focus on simplification is working and now I am very grateful.

Ok enough about me and my braggart self. Thanks for letting me gloat.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Congratulations...I read about 6 months ago that 80 percent of Americans are in debt...you rock!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations! What a great way to start the year off! Have you heard Dave Ramsey? This is his MO! Check him out!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Ummmmmm I'm jelous!! I have $18,972.18 to go! Wedding debt. BLAH! Not sure if it was worth it yet.



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