July 15, 2007


Thanks to the wonders of my blogoland friends (Allison and Corie) and technology I FOUND THE MISSING POST IN QUESTION. Want to go take a look? Follow this link over at "The Stamp Pad" blog (ISN'T IT CUTE?). Whew that was quick. hehehe. Here's a great big BEAR HUG to everyone from me. I needed to see this card again because I wanted to forward it to another crazy stamper that just loves anything halloween. I originally looked at it that morning before my first cup of joe and at approx 5 a.m. and surfed away from it to never find it again. Then of course, it bugged me, until I could find it again. Thanks again everyone.

1 comment:

Emilia said...

Good for you to find the link! Her blog and cards are lovely! Tks for sharing~


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