July 07, 2007

I've been Tagged!

This is fun. I've been tagged by Michelle over at Crazy Stampin Chick ;D. Go check out her blog because she has some wonderful A Muse design eye candy, ATCs and a fresh and fun style. Ok so onto the tag. I am supposed to list 7 random things about myself, and then tag 7 others leaving a comment on their blog so they know they've been tagged.

. I love love love all animals, but especially dogs. I have one right now and his name is Prince.
I used to own 5 horses.

2. I have always wanted to live in Seattle.

3. I have 3 sisters and no brothers. Mary, Kay and Patti. I have 2 daughters, no sons. Leah and Bess.

4. I was a stained glass artist for a time. Some of my work is in commercial buildings.

5. I have a high IQ, which I didn't know until just recently. hehe... some people would beg to differ I am sure.

6. I am very intuitive and always have been. For example but not limited to, I find random missing items that people misplace and can't find and I always seem to make a b-line right to the item. (sometimes St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost causes helps me, but I still find the item). I don't know how I do it but I do.

7. I'm a nerd (I think? because I love computers, doesn't that make me a nerd?)

I am going to tag:
1. Anna Wight,
One of my bestest blog buddies. I CASE everything she does.

2. Elena Shacochis
My newest blog friend and ATC swap buddy and the NEW A MUSE Designer. How exciting is that?

3. Vicki Chrisman
Another very lovely lady I follow in blogland. I love how she shares her family scrapbook with us. She is also with Crafty Secrets.

4. Emilia
A very creative lady over in Taiwan that I follow. She is great! Her stuff is so much fun to watch. Great tutorials.

5. Michelle White
I love following Michelle and her best friend Helle on all of their outings. She lives in the same area as me though we have never met. I feel like I know her already thanks to the wonders of the internet. I have CASEd quite a few of her designs so that must tell you how much I like her style. I'm sure I will run into her one day in one of our LSS.

6. Robin Desko
I think Robin's blog was the first blog I ever read EVER. I love her fresh and clean style. She is such a sweet fun lady. She has a stampin space TO DIE FOR.

7. Cat
Last but not least Cat over at Cat's Craft Cupboard. She is the premier Rosie's Roadshow supplier in our area and another local girl (i.e. she lives near me). I just met her last week when I stopped in at her stamp store. She is a very nice lady and we had lots of fun at her store and picked up some new goodies to boot.

This was lots of fun now ladies go out and tag someone else and be sure an leave a message on their blog so they know they were tagged.


Emilia said...

Wow! Now, I know more about you (at least 7 more facts about you)
Tks for the description about me...I am flattered. :)
I think I need some time write dowm the 7 facts about me.

Vicki C said...

Oh thanks sweetie..this sounds fun. I'll post mine on Monday!

Cat said...

Tagged? Me? Thanks ever so! I'll post them as soon as I can . . .

Michelle said...

Thanks for playing along. Thank you for the wonderful compliments...I am honored- You made my day!!


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