July 28, 2007

Pull up a chair and a Cup O' Joe


Join me, won't you? I'm going into my crafting studio to create all night long. I decided to put on a fresh pot of my favorite coffee "Eight O'Clock" coffee (it's the old A&P brand). I've drank it since college. I must say it is my favorite. It's hard to find on the West Coast sometimes but I have finally found it at TARGET. Can you believe that. I used to have my Midwestern fam ship it out to me. With all of the designer coffees around this is relatively inexpensive but to me it's the best daily brew. Don't ya love my mug? It's my SUPERMOM mug the girls must have given it to me on a mother's day sometime ago. I've always cherished it because it reminds me of how much my girls really do think I was their SUPERMOM. I'm glad they thought so. If you look close at the details of the mug little mother goose has her rolling pin, diva tool belt, her vintage apron of course and all while she is hanging clothes outside on the line. This little goose always brought a smile to my face so I thought I would use it as my graphic to kick off my night with blogland AND an evening of creating. FINALLY!
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Emilia said...

How sweet... your girls must be proud of you! I love reading your post.


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