July 29, 2007

Inspiration is Everywhere!!

Do you know what this is? Yep it's wrapping paper. When my daughter comes back from her trips to Italy her friends always send gifts for me. This year my DD told her friend that I would much prefer the wrapping paper intact i.e. don't use it to wrap the gift. Her friend did not understand but my daughter said, trust me, she will like the wrapping paper better "off" the gift. hehe. I wonder why? Oh don't know....could it be I have some more designer paper to use for inspiration??? Anyway, check this pretty little ITALIAN STYLE WRAPPING PAPER straight from the motherland herself. It kind of has a dutch feel to me but definitely a European feel.

And YES surprise surprise I was able to draw inspiration from it. For this card I punched out the chicken from the wrapping paper above. I knew I wanted to use mustard and black CS. I added the white CS because it reminded me of an egg. I was also going to use the green gingham checked ribbon at first but the red looked better. As did the black checked ribbon but I stayed with the SU red. It's a really simple almost no stamp card except the sentiment is masked from the "your a peach, thanxso much" stamp from the retired SU farm fresh set. I've already cut out an entire sheet of the image squares from the wrapping paper and I have an entire set of misc cards swimming around my head. Now if I could just find some time to make them. I was so excited about the concept I published the card before I was finished. I was thinking of adding some brads and of course so far there is no sparkle. Anyway, this is the start....it's pretty simple so far. I love the bright colors and I don't usually lean towards the bold brights. I love it, don't you?

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chelemom said...

What a cute idea! Love the card!

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

What a great little card!!

Michelle said...

Cool wrapping paper! i thought it was a quilt.
You did a great card! Love the colour!


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