July 29, 2007

This is Super Funny

This is a fun game. You are supposed to type in the words "your name" and the word "needs" in a search engine like Google. For example I would type in the search prompt ~liz needs.... with Google. Here are my results and translation:

Liz needs amusing
Liz needs a man test
Liz needs protection from a former kidnapper
Liz needs one more taste of pastry. (How'd they know that?)
Liz needs a new Fido
Liz needs deeper depths (huh?)
Liz needs a bear
Everyman needs to assist Liz
Liz needs a moneymakeover
Liz is a bit of a dimwit

What are your top ten results?


Emilia said...

Mine is flat... not funny
Emilia needs Shockwave and it is free too

Michelle said...

I love these! One of my faves was "Michelle needs the Viking hat protection"! WTH? I laughed my head off!


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