January 03, 2008

52-Cards-a-Year Challenge

Hey! I've added a new challenge to the right column -----> over there in the Pr!ssy Challenges and Swaps category. It's called 52-Cards-a-Year Challenge over at Sarah and the StampStars This is my kind of challenge... guess why?... read the rules.

Challenge Rules: There are no rules! Feel free to mix it up; make a card of a different theme... make a vertical sketch horizontal... whatever you please. The goal of these challenges is to help you expand your creative card making, to motivate you to try something new each week and to encourage you to share your work.

That's right... you must share! But don't worry if you don't complete the assignment this week... as soon as you create your card for this, or any assignment, share a link to it here in the comments. You can post it on your blog, or on your favorite message board.... just share a link with everyone here whenever you decide to jump in and play!

Hhahahaha. There are no rules. Post when and how you can. Follow the sketch or switch it up. Post for past weeks when you can etc... That's my kind of sandbox. It sounds like fun plus the first sketch it really cool. See?

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in...go on over and check it out. Plus it may just provide some motivation. Not that I need any.


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