January 23, 2008

~some more thoughts on F O C U S ing

Ok so I had a great day yesterday in which my word for the year 2008 served me well. I wanted to add an update to my sticky post that you see at the top of my blog. I think it will be there for the entire year unless I get tired of it. You might notice that I've added the word balance to the list because the thought has occurred to me that while I might do great in one area for the day i.e. for example yesterday I F O C U Sd on the health and fitness piece of my year long quest to F O C U S better but alas NO STAMPING OR CREATING OF ANY KIND. I think that I might change my word to balance but for now it will suffice to just add it to the list of things I want to F O C U S on for the year. Yesterday I made it a point (a focal point if you will ;D) of F O C U Sing on my diet and exercise. I stayed on my quest to get through the day with no flour or no sugar. Woohoo one day down and 364 to go bleh. I also went swimming for an hour during lunch. I kept my F O C U S on getting to the gym and despite my brain telling me it was too much work, it was too late to leave work, it takes to long etc etc I kept putting my F O C U S on what I wanted which was to workout during my lunch hour and YAY it worked. I dragged my butt over to the gym and enjoyed a most excellent swim. Today I am F O C U Sing on the same but my activity will be to walk the hill near my work. More later

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Thanks for your sweet funny comment. :)


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