January 06, 2008


Just wanted to post an update as promised with my newly re-purposed futon shelves all loaded up with my stamps. Ok so it's an honest obsession at least.

Full view...

Left panel... I put all of my Valentine sets together (all SU) for inspiration. This section will probably be a seasonal section that I will swap out by holiday as needed. I also keep my background stamps here....the far far left panel is empty is a dead space that is hard to reach we will probably move it and put it to the right side instead so I can reach, it will be behind a door but that's ok. Right now it goes unused. =(

Center panel... most of my A Muse, Rosie Roadshow, more SU fav's sets are here and others

Far right panel... more of my favorites (well they all are but I can only fit so much on my new shelves)

I hope you all find ways of re-purposing items in your life... it's good to keep recycling first and foremost in our minds to help each other and the planet. Come one you know we need to.


Jackie said...

Those shelves are wonderful - what a great recycling project!

michelle g. said...

OMG! Those shelves are awesome. AWESOME!!!! I should show my DH your stamp collection, so that he can see what I am aspiring to! ;)


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