January 25, 2008

Braggin' Rights

Hi everyone! No crafts to post tonight but definitely a post on one of the other Arts (pic below), dancing. My nephew got some "ink" over at the J*Point blog. The official blog of The Joffrey Ballet. He is an apprentice dancer with the company. We are all so proud of him (you too Lizzie, favorite niece and Michael and Connor and Patti, mom). Ok so being a blogger extraordinaire like I am....I am able to post comments on any blog that I like too. And yes a bit of a techy too. Ok so I'm not braggin but seems how my sister Patti is soooooooo lo-tech and routinely blows up computers just by looking at them. How many is that Miss Patti? huh huh??? I just HAD to mention that minor detail of my hi-techness. hehehehe. Anyway, I'm a regular commentor over at the J*Point and may have left a comment or two or three about my nephew Matthew requesting pictures of my nephew Matthew. Of course I had to give my sob story to the blog administrator of the J*Point blog about how I live over 3000 apart from my nephew Matthew and that I hardly ever got to see him IRL and would he pretty please post a few minor pictures so his favorite Aunt Liz could see him once in a while?!? Anyway, Sasha the blog moderator and photographer extraordinaire obliged my request and posted about my nephew. I am so excited. Here is the picture and my nephew is the one in the middle surrounded by all the ballerinas. Go on over and show the J*Point some love and tell Sasha I sent ya.... just mention his favorite Aunt Liz. He calls me that now too. LOLOLOL

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